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About Devine Intervention

"Frequently hysterical ... devastatingly honest writing that surprises with its occasional beauty and hits home with the keenness of its insight." 

—Kirkus Reviews, starred review


"So much fun... an insightful story about seizing life for all it’s worth while you have the chance."

—Publishers Weekly

"It is a pleasure to read a writer who so delights in language, and who writes so captivatingly in a teen voice with such imaginative description."

— Los Angeles Times

“This is a love story. Not a romantic love story, but a story of the development of a deep caring relationship with another being. Humorous and sad at times, it brings us to ask ourselves what we think about heaven and how we get there. Believable and fast-paced, it keeps us reading to the end.”

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Martha has worked as a journalist, a web producer, a game-content creator, and as a high school teacher. Her students published in The New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, Encarta, MSN Entertainment, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 

She not only loves working with students, she knows that they're capable of writing as well--if not better--than adults. This is one of the many reasons she writes for children and teens, and she would love to come visit your classroom to talk about her books, her life as a writer, and how students who are interested in such things can become writers themselves.

Oh, and bonus for teachers: She also founded National Grammar Day and, the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, and can talk entertainingly about language for teens and why caring about the small things makes a big difference on the page and off.

She's available via Skype and in-person. Send e-mail to martha AT, or visit for more information.